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Harmony IoT for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms are fully aware of the need to protect customer information and financial assets. The call centers and branches where employees and customers interact and share sensitive information are critical from a security perspective.

Harmony IoT provides airspace visibility, monitoring and attack mitigation to ensure employees in these settings follow the security policies and controls needed to protect customer data and assets.

Harmony Purple for Financial Services

Financial services firms must protect customer assets and information. They also operate under strict security mandates which require frequent system-wide scanning for vulnerabilities and timely patching. Banks have found that Harmony Purple is ideally suited to address those needs. 

Its agentless, lightweight scanning technology allows IT teams to conduct scans when and where they want to, including on live production systems. By combining scanning with simulated penetration testing and attack path scenario analysis, Harmony Purple delivers accurate, targeted vulnerability prioritization. This lowers risk and reduces the amount of emergency patching.

Harmony IoT for Manufacturing

As manufacturing moves into the digital era, factories are becoming smarter by using digital technologies to continuously collect and share data through connected machines, devices and production systems. With IT/OT integration, the airgap that once protected manufacturing operations has disappeared. Harmony IoT restores security to manufacturing operations.​

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Harmony Purple for Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations are highly dependent on the backend systems that manage production, inventory and supply chains. Manufacturing is also a 24×7 business, so it is often difficult to schedule downtime for vulnerability scanning and for applying security patches and updates. Harmony Purple simplifies and streamlines vulnerability management for manufacturers. 

By combining scanning with simulated penetration testing and attack path analysis, Harmony Purple allows teams to focus on the patches and mitigation measures that truly reduce risk, without requiring excessive downtime.  

Harmony IoT for Smart Retail

The retail business is highly competitive. Retailers are under constant pressure to find cost efficiencies but they also must adopt new ways of making the customer experience more appealing and engaging.  Smart, wireless technologies are transforming retail operations to meet these challenges. 

However, this transformation exposes retail businesses to new, wireless based cyber-attacks. Traditional security tools do not monitor or control activity over the airspace, leaving smart retail at risk of data breaches and ransomware. Harmony IoT is a comprehensive wireless airspace security solution that delivers visibility, policy control and attack defense for the smart retail environment. 

Harmony IoT for Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare organizations use a wide array of mobile, IoT and IoMT devices. Hospitals are also open to the public, giving attackers unchecked access to the airspace both from within hospital buildings as well as from surrounding areas. Attackers can easily find and compromise wirelessly connected devices – tablets, IoT and IoMT that are used everywhere in hospitals.

Harmony IoT protects patient safety and prevents attackers from using the hospital airspace to breach the wired network and spread ransomware or steal patient records.

Harmony IoT for Travel & Hospitality

Open wireless connectivity for guests as well as private wireless for staff and IoT are critical to the day to day operation of hotels, casinos, airports and exhibition centers. The wireless airspace in these venues is open to abuse. Attackers can set up bogus access points that lure unsuspecting guests and employees into connecting, resulting in credential theft, data loss and malware infections that can spread into the enterprise.  

Harmony IoT protects guests and employees from wireless attacks that deny service, extort money or steal credentials. It also delivers valuable, anonymized insights into guest flow information and device usage. Finally, Harmony IoT enables compliance with wireless PCI guidelines for organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data – required even if there are no wireless access points directly connected to the cardholder data environment. 

Harmony Purple for Managed Services

Security consultants, VARs and MSSPs are often challenged to find a vulnerability management solution that meets their unique needs. Some require a cloud managed, multi-tenant solution that can be deployed on customer premises. Others need a flexible, portable licensing model that allows them to periodically bring a scanning solution into their clients’ environments. 

Harmony Purple is designed to support managed services in a wide variety of service delivery models. Harmony Purple is easy to deploy, intuitive and delivers clear, concise reports. Harmony Purple helps MSSPs save time and maintain happier customers.