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The world is changing and a business’s success becomes more dependent on their CISO’s ability to not only provide IT security but IT-related compliance and risk management as well. We often hear from cyber security people that compliance isn’t security. That is true, but we believe that regulatory and standards compliance is a good starting point. Our platform uses a new paradigm that we call “policy as code,” or “executable policies,” as a way to achieve holistic, measurable security by design. In our Resource Center we will try to share, elaborate, explain, and discuss our thoughts, analyses, and innovative thinking regarding the challenges of cybersecurity as we see it.

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When a Zero Day is Old News

This week Microsoft released a zero day patch for an unpatched local privilege escalation (LPE) vulnerability affecting all Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 devices. The LPE…

Trump, Biden and CVSS

Businesses use predictive metrics all the time. For example, forecasting next quarter’s revenue is a predictive metric used widely in business. When looking at any…

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