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We provide cyber defense solutions tailored to meet the challenges and threats facing small and medium sized organizations

About Orchestra Group

Our Mission is Reducing Cyber Risk

Small and medium sized enterprises, non- profits and local governments are the most frequent targets of cyber-attack. Lacking the budgets and specialized staff of large enterprises, SMEs have become the preferred “soft targets” of cyber criminals.

Orchestra Group is on a mission to protect SMEs from cyber-attacks. Our advanced, automated cybersecurity solutions proactively identify the most significant risks and exposures and provide clear, easy to follow guidance on how to eliminate them.

Our breakthrough innovations bring advanced cyber defenses to small and medium enterprises.

Smartscan Network Discovery

Our patented, agentless lightweight scanning technology discovers servers, network gear, applications, configurations, security controls and vulnerabilities.

Digital Cyber Twin

Harmony Purple builds a virtual replica of your IT estate, including all the information attackers use to penetrate your defenses. The Digital Cyber Twin provides a platform for holistic, non-invasive attack simulation.

AI Driven Attack Path Scenarios

Our unique AI reasoning engine reveals the often-hidden weaknesses in your security controls. Harmony Purple runs millions of attack path simulations using the same methods and techniques attackers use.
Harmony Purple Automation of Continuous Threat Exposure Management


Leadership Team

Omri Lavie


Managing Partner @FoundersGroup, serial entrepreneur, and investor. Founded several tech companies in media, telecom and cyber industries. Invested in numerous companies at a number of different of stages. Specializes in ecommerce, international sales, business development, and new markets development.

Jacob Ukelson


Former executive at a number of large public companies (IBM, Informatica, CA) and startups (ActionBase, ConicIT, Dapper, eXeedTechnologies, Itemfield). Seasoned multidisciplinary executive, CTO, VP Products, focusing on the technology market. Jacob has a D.Sc. in CS that provides the background necessary to evaluate innovative cybersecurity companies.

Isaac Zack


Managing Partner @FoundersGroup, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, former VC, and business development professional. In charge of the group’s deal making, day-to-day work with the PF companies and the investment syndication activity.

Open Opportunities

at Orchestra Group

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Central Europe

Please send your CV to boaz@orchestra.group

DevOps team lead

Tel Aviv

Please send your CV to shein@orchestra.group

Sales Manager

Preferred Locations: Singapore, UK, Mexico, Colombia

Please send your CV to Info@orchestra.group

Solution Engineer

Tel Aviv

Please send your CV to info@orchestra.group