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Harmony IoT

Protect Your Airspace

In today’s smart-connected world, Harmony IoT delivers an enterprise-grade defense for your airspace that protects you from IoT and wireless-borne attacks.


Harmony IoT gives you total visibility into all airspace activity and protects you from IoT and wireless-borne attacks


Why is Wireless so Vulnerable

Unlike wired networks, wireless networks can be accessed by anyone. Even in restricted environments hackers can eavesdrop and penetrate wireless networks from nearby. 

Wireless networks also host a wide variety of mobile and IoT devices that are difficult to secure. They often have vulnerable interfaces, unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communications and insecure pairing procedures that hackers can exploit.

This combination of access, poor device security and lack of controls leaves enterprises exposed to airspace attacks that can lead to data loss, ransomware and denial of service. 


The Harmony IoT Solution

Harmony IoT delivers visibility, continuous monitoring and real time attack mitigation. What makes it different from traditional network access control (NAC) and mobile device management (MDM) is it monitors the airspace rather than the devices.

This gives Harmony IoT the power to see all devices in the airspace, even those not connected to a network. It monitors and takes action based on what the devices are doing. 

The Harmony IoT policy engine makes it easy to establish effective airspace security hygiene to ensure the devices operating in your airspace are configured to meet your wireless security standards.

Finally, Harmony IoT is non-invasive: It is an AI based, cloud managed, out-of-band solution that requires no changes to your network. That means rapid time to implementation and low TCO.

Total Airspace Visibility

The moment any device enters your airspace, it is identified and tracked. Harmony IoT uses its extensive database of wireless devices and attributes combined with AI based continuous learning to compare what each device is doing with what it should be doing.


Proactive Threat Detection

Harmony IoT uses advanced anomaly detection and knowledge of attack behaviors to produce high-fidelity alerts enabling you to quickly understand and address airspace threats. 


Real-Time Mitigation

Harmony IoT interrupts or disconnects wireless connections to prevent data transfers and isolate threats. Harmony IoT gives you the control to set and enforce airspace security policies that align with your business and compliance objectives.

Harmony Purple

Simplify Your Vulnerability Management

Harmony Purple’s intelligent approach to vulnerability management reduces risk with less downtime for patching. Don’t patch harder, patch smarter.

What’s Wrong With Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is costly. It consumes too much time and resources from security and IT operations, and it demands too much maintenance downtime. The tools and processes that were supposed to make vulnerability management easier and more efficient have only gotten more complex, more expensive and more difficult to use. Despite all the effort and expense, security has not improved. Organizations of all types and sizes keep falling victim to data breaches and ransomware. A new approach is needed.



Harmony Purple integrates scanning, network analysis and attack simulation to optimize patch management and risk.


Harmony Purple: A New Approach to Vulnerability Management

Harmony Purple is an all-in-one vulnerability management solution. It unifies scanning, penetration testing, network analysis, risk prioritization and remediation. Harmony Purple is easy to use and automated – and because it is low impact, scans can be run anytime on production systems. Harmony Purple delivers a manageable set of remediation recommendations that deliver better security with less work.

Agentless, Low Impact Scanning

Our lean scanning technology allows you to run scans without taking systems offline.

Automated Red Team, Blue Team

Harmony Purple combines simulated penetration testing (Red Team) with analysis of defenses and compensating controls (Blue Team) to deliver targeted recommendations.

Attack Path Scenarios

Our APS (Attack Path Scenarios) technology identifies which open vulnerabilities are exploitable and which assets are at risk.

Harmony Platform

Policy as Code

Harmonizes cybersecurity, compliance and risk into a single management and operations platform.

Risk Verification by Orchestra Group

Orchestra’s Harmony Platform is an integrated platform for defining, managing, and operationalizing risk-based, left-of-bang cyber protection using high-level executable security policies.

Harmony enables a “policy as code” approach to automatically, and continuously, verify organizational security objectives and risk appetite. This approach harmonizes and monitors the security requirements of the different stakeholders in digital security – cyber defense, compliance, risk management, and IT.

Harmony policies layer on existing controls as a basis for enterprise security risk and operational metrics and as the foundation for continuous improvement applied to security.


Policy as Code

Orchestra’s “policy as code” platform is a new paradigm for combining compliance, risk, and security into a single, managed operational platform; a way to achieve holistic and measurable security by design. The “policy as code” paradigm provides a platform for the definition, management, and monitoring of high-level security policies or security requirements. All policies can be automatically operationalized through Harmony™ by combining the capabilities of the existing security anchors and the new security innovations.


Security by Design

Enables CISOs to plan, build, and measure what they want to achieve. This is accomplished by combining security needs, external dictates, risk appetite, and business requirements into a well-defined managed, tracked, and monitored set of security objectives.