Harmony Platform

Harmonizes cybersecurity, compliance and risk into a single management and operations platform.

Risk Verification
by Orchestra Group

Orchestra’s Harmony Platform is an integrated platform for defining, managing, and operationalizing risk-based, left-of-bang cyber protection using high-level executable security policies.

Harmony enables a “policy as code” approach to automatically, and continuously, verify organizational security objectives and risk appetite. This approach harmonizes and monitors the security requirements of the different stakeholders in digital security - cyber defense, compliance, risk management, and IT.

Harmony policies layer on existing controls as a basis for enterprise security risk and operational metrics and as the foundation for continuous improvement applied to security.

Policy as Code

Orchestra’s “policy as code” platform is a new paradigm for combining compliance, risk, and security into a single, managed operational platform; a way to achieve holistic and measurable security by design.

The “policy as code” paradigm provides a platform for the definition, management, and monitoring of high-level security policies or security requirements.

All policies can be automatically operationalized through Harmony™ by combining the capabilities of the existing security anchors and the new security innovations.

Security by Design

Enables CISOs to plan, build, and measure what they want to achieve. This is accomplished by combining security needs, external dictates, risk appetite, and business requirements into a well-defined managed, tracked, and monitored set of security objectives.