Harmony IoT for Travel and Hospitality

Open wireless connectivity for guests as well as private wireless for staff and IoT are critical to the day to day operation of hotels, casinos, airports and exhibition centers. The wireless airspace in these venues is open to abuse. Attackers can set up bogus access points that lure unsuspecting guests and employees into connecting, resulting in credential theft, data loss and malware infections that can spread into the enterprise.  

Harmony IoT protects guests and employees from wireless (wifi and bluetooth) attacks that deny service, extort money or steal credentials. It also delivers valuable, anonymized insights into guest flow information and device usage. Finally, Harmony IoT enables compliance with wireless PCI guidelines for organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data – required even if there are no wireless access points directly connected to the cardholder data environment.

Incident Report: Harmony IoT Protects Travelers at Airports

A hot spot advertising itself as a common wifi service offered by a large mobile operator was detected. This wifi service is used by millions of people and customer devices are configured to automatically connect to it. Any device connected to this malicious access point is at great risk. The system detected 12 victim devices connected to this access point.

Harmony IoT for Hospitality
Harmony IoT for Airports
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