Harmony IoT for Industrial

As manufacturing moves into the digital era, factories are becoming smarter by using digital technologies to continuously collect and share data through connected machines, devices, and production systems. This flexibility and reach is the also the Achilles heel of wireless, making them easier to attack and compromise from public areas

Harmony IoT Industrial White Paper
Harmony IoT Industrial Use Case

Harmony IoT can assist manufactures

Harmony IoT is an out-of-band solution that protects your airspace by creating a wireless dome of protective policies for wireless connectivity and access. It protects manufacturing processes from airspace attacks and disruptions, but it doesn’t have to be directly connected to your network in order to provide airspace protection.

Harmony IoT is the only airspace protection solution that prevents and protects against airspace attacks, mitigates ongoing attacks, and provides the information needed to enable your physical security team to quickly locate the source of airspace disruption so that it can be handled directly.

Harmony IoT shuts down these attack vectors, giving you total visibility into all IoT activity and protecting you from IoT and wireless-born attacks.

Real Life Use Case


A large Global manufacturer uses an online wireless inventory management system to continuously monitor and optimize production line inventory. 

  • The system is critical for correct operation of the production line, and if the system is not performing adequately production can grind to a complete halt – at a cost of 10,000 euros per minute.

Wireless Hygiene

No “Hot-spots” are allowed on the manufacturing floor due operational disruption concerns that might result from overcrowding the equipment airspace.

  • Before Harmony IoT, the customer had no practical way to monitor and enforce this policy. Harmony IoT provided visibility into “Hot-spots” which immediately reduced the number of “Hot-spots” by 70%, even before applying proactive mitigation enforcing the corporate policy.

Wireless Risk Policies

Only on-premise devices are permitted to access networks in a sensitive production area and from specific location.

  • An allowed device outside of the area are mitigated, as are all other external devices. Harmony IoT enforces the policy by mitigating external devices (known and unknown) from connecting to internal networks. This radically lowers the risk of wireless operational disruptions, production line failures and ongoing loses.