Harmony IoT for Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms are fully aware of the need to protect customer information and financial assets. The touch points where employees and customers interact and share sensitive information are especially sensitive from a security perspective. Call centers and branch locations are prime examples of this. Harmony IoT provides airspace visibility, monitoring and attack mitigation to ensure employees in these settings follow the security policies and controls that protect customer data and assets. 

Case Study: Harmony IoT Protects Large Bank Call Center

A large bank in Latin America was concerned that airspace abuse within their call centers could result in loss of customer data and assets. They needed to accomplish several things: Enforce controls on employee use of wireless devices in the workplace; detect and prevent unauthorized hot spots within their airspace; establish and maintain effective wireless security hygiene for all devices in their facility. The bank deployed Harmony IoT in their largest call center and now plans to expand the deployment to their many branches.

Harmony IoT for Banks
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