Purple integration with CyberArk PAM

Orchestra’s Purple integration with CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, simplifies and secures credential management. IT and security personnel no longer need to store and manage credentials (passwords, etc.) within the Harmony Purple platform to perform scans. Leveraging CyberArk’s centralized PAM significantly reduces the complexity of conducting scans and helps ensure scans are completed without interruption. Vulnerability […]

Recently Uncovered Linux Security Issues Create Another Wi-Fi Attack Vector

Linux has had long standing issues with memory leaks. These exposures often give attackers the means to crash devices, create denial of service, and in some cases, extract sensitive data from host devices. A security researcher, Soenke Huster from Germany’s Technical University of Darmstadt, recently reported a buffer overwrite in the Linux Kernel mac80211 Wi-Fi […]

Smile – You’re on Camera

Verkada Hack 150,000 security cameras, this time – belonging to Verkada, were exposed in the most recent security breach. This should come to us as no surprise and is a sign of more to come. An international hacker group obtained access to the cameras and their footage, including visibility into companies such as Tesla and […]